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HSBN Boys of Winter 2019 Standings

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16U Pool A
TeamDivisionOverallLast 5StreakHomeAwayRRA
Broward Aces 16U3-04-04-0W42-02-04510
Broward Wildcats 16U2-13-13-1W31-02-12123
TBA 16A0-00-00-0N/A0-00-000
Broward Lions 16U1-21-21-2L20-11-12133
N-Canes 16U0-30-30-3L30-20-11929
16U Pool B
TeamDivisionOverallLast 5StreakHomeAwayRRA
Broward Mustangs 16U3-03-13-1L11-12-0227
Miami Cougars Black 16U2-12-12-1W12-00-1612
TBA 16B0-00-00-0N/A0-00-000
Broward Chiefs 16U1-21-21-2L11-10-1610
Miami Bison 16U0-30-30-3L30-10-2612
16U Pool C
TeamDivisionOverallLast 5StreakHomeAwayRRA
Baby Cakes 16U3-03-13-1L13-10-01917
Broward Lightning 16U1-21-21-2L11-10-11722
Miami Cougars White 16U1-21-21-2W11-00-21720
Weston Lions 16U1-21-21-2L20-01-21317
18U Pool A
TeamDivisionOverallLast 5StreakHomeAwayRRA
Broward Wildcats 18U2-0-13-0-13-0-1W22-01-0-12215
Broward Cowboys 18U1-1-11-1-11-1-1W11-1-10-087
Elev-8 18U1-1-11-1-11-1-1L10-1-11-0108
TBA 18B0-00-00-0N/A0-00-000
PB Canyons 18U0-2-10-2-10-2-1L10-00-2-1817
18U Pool B
TeamDivisionOverallLast 5StreakHomeAwayRRA
Miami Lions 18U2-12-22-2L12-00-22319
Miami Cougars 18U2-12-12-1L12-10-01320
Weston Lions 18U2-12-22-2L10-02-23617
Broward Mustangs 18U0-30-30-3L30-10-2424
18U Pool C
TeamDivisionOverallLast 5StreakHomeAwayRRA
Miami Vipers 18U1-01-01-0W11-00-042
Broward Lightning 18U3-14-14-1W23-11-02513
Baby Cakes 18U2-22-22-2L10-02-21116
TBA 18A0-00-00-0N/A0-00-000
Miami Royal Lions 18U0-30-30-3L30-20-1612
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