Tournament Pitching Stats - Summer champions
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Pitching Stats Summer Champions 2018

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1Gabriel Vargas (So) Scouting ProfilePT16U01102007.030612310.001.29
2Robert Weintraub (S) Scouting ProfileFR18U22002229.000715210.001.00
3Justin Weithorn (S) Scouting ProfileFR18U11001005.000410000.000.80
4Michael Higgins (So) Scouting ProfileCH16U01001004.00017100.000.50
5Sebastian Lavan (S) Scouting ProfileTD18U10101106.032610202.331.33
6Chris Fernandez () Scouting ProfilePT16U01001004.02240013.501.00
7AJ Kozich (F) Scouting ProfileCH16U00001003.14254204.202.10
8Lucas Martinez (S) Scouting ProfileTD18U11001004.253113104.502.57
9Sal Zaremba () Scouting ProfileTD18U10101003.07283024.672.67
10Vinny Chirafisi (So) Scouting ProfileTH18U11001003.03255204.672.33
11Kyle Castle (J) Scouting ProfilePBF16U10001004.03355105.251.50
12Alessandro Bolanos (J) Scouting ProfilePT16U10002005.0145124307.003.00
13Nelson Castiblanco (F) Scouting ProfileTD18U10001003.073102017.003.33
14Jaimason Caro (F) Scouting ProfilePT16U10001003.03355307.002.67
15Evan Dobias (F) Scouting ProfileTH18U10101004.06583308.752.75
16Nick Bosso (So) Scouting ProfileTH18U10001003.07443319.332.33
17Jacob Laroque (So) Scouting ProfileTD18U01013004.176103409.693.23
18Juan Gomez () Scouting ProfilePP 18U10101004.01161072210.503.00
19Austin Matsoff (S) Scouting ProfileTH18U00001003.055620211.672.00
20Kenny Morgan (J) Scouting ProfileCH16U10001003.065640111.672.00