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High School Baseball Network Tournament Rules

These rules are subject to change without notice, so be sure to check the tournament pages the week of the event for any possible updates to the rules. High school rules will be used for all games, with exception to the rules listed below.

– Payment for all HSBN events is due at time of team registration. No team will be registered until payment is made in full. In the Spring season, at least 30 calendar days of notice must be given in writing to HSBN if pulling out of a tournament. With 30 days advance notice, a credit will be given to team account for future HSBN events. Within 30 days, there will be no refunds given. In Summer and Fall, the period will be 14 calendar days of notice in writing, and same credit or refund policy applies.

– All HSBN Summer and Fall tournaments will have a $6 entry fee for fans. Children under eight will be admitted free. Once a game begins, no refunds on entry fees will be given. Please let your parents know about the entry fee before the tournaments begin. HSBN Spring events will have varying entry fees.

– No coolers or outside food will be permitted to be brought in to tournament venues. This is an insurance issue for HSBN. No exceptions!

– Each team will pay for one umpire ($50), and supply 3 baseballs, per game. Once the game begins, the umpires will keep all game funds. In the event a game is halted due to weather, and needs to be resumed, new umpires will be assigned to the make-up game at a prorated expense for the teams.

Each team must help chase foul balls on their half of the field. Not chasing foul balls will be at the TEAM’s expense. When balls run out, the teams playing in the game will supply additional baseballs.

– All games have a two hour time limit except for the semifinals and championship games, which will be two hours and 15 minutes for semifinals, and two hours and 30 minutes for championship games.

– Ties will be counted in pool play. In semifinal and championship games, no special tiebreaker rules will be used. Games will be played out until there is a winner, regardless of time limit.

Tiebreaker for brackets:
Two-way tie:
1. Head to head

Three-way tie:
1. Head to head
2. Least runs allowed
3. Most runs scored
4. Run differential in team’s final bracket game; proceeding backwards from that game until the die is broken

***Once a three-way tie is broken, head to head tiebreaker will be used.

***In the event a bracket winner cannot advance to round two, the next wild card team from ALL bracket play will advance in the order in which they appear in the wild card standings.

In series play, if the series cannot be completed for any reason, the leader of the series will advance to the next round. If the series is tied, the aggregate score will be used to determine winner. If aggregate is tied, a coin flip will determine which team moves on.

– Lineup Cards must be exchanged at home plate before game (umpire and opponents must BOTH receive a lineup card)

– Courtesy runners – pitchers and catchers are allowed

– Pitching rule – No limit. High School rules for visits.

– One extra hitter will be allowed, but must be in lineup to start game. Once the extra hitter is used, the position cannot be eliminated from the lineup during the course of the game.

– Free substitution on defense except for pitcher visits.

– In the event that a player is removed from a game for any reason and there are no substitutes to bat, an automatic out will be declared.

– Players may only play on one team during the tournament in each age group.

– The team listed first on the schedule will be in the first base dugout. The team listed second will be in the third base dugout.

– Home team will be determined by a coin toss.

– Forfeits will result in a 4-2 final score For winning team.

– No spikes, food, gum or seeds in batting cages. Upon getting to the field, a member of the host location will inspect cages with the team manager. The cages will then be inspected by the team manager and the member of the host location at the end of the batting session. ANY damages incurred during usage of the cage will be the responsibility of the team, not HSBN.

– In the event of rain, tournament directors will make the call on playing games before the game begins. Once the game starts, the umpires will have control over whether a game is played. A minimum of 30 minutes will be waited from when a game is delayed before determining whether the game will be called, unless both coaches, the umpires, and the tournament director are all in agreement.

Games stopped by weather will be official after 4.5 innings if the home team is ahead, or five innings if the road team is ahead. Any official game called mid-inning, will revert back to the previous full inning of play. Games that are not official, will be resumed from the spot the game was stopped, unless the tournament director rules the game official.

– If rain does not allow a tournament to finish, the top two seeds will be Champion and Runner-Up. Head to head and least runs allowed will determine champion. Championship game will always have priority.

Refund Policy:
0 games played = 100% credit to future HSBN tournament
1 game played = 25% credit to future HSBN tournament
2 games played = No Refund

– Every attempt will be made to complete the tournament and schedules are subject to change as necessary per the tournament director.

Age Limits:
– 16U – Players cannot turn 17 before August 1st.
– 18U – Players cannot turn 19 before August 1st.

***In Fall Classic, school grades will be used. Freshman and Sophomores on JV only. Any grade player up to a senior can play in varsity division.

It is the team’s responsibility to have identification available for all of their players at all tournament games. (Birth certificates, Florida identification cards or driver licenses are acceptable forms of identification). If a coach wants to protest the age of a player on the opposing team, he can do so after the game. A $100 protest fee is due before any protests will be evaluated by the HSBN staff.

If a protest is submitted, and the defending coach cannot produce a valid birth certificate and photo identification of the player upon HSBN request, the HSBN staff will have the authority to make a ruling on the protest. Playing an illegal player will result in a forfeit of the game in question, with the winning team receiving a 4-2 win for the game. ALL PROTEST RULINGS ARE FINAL.

***In order to qualify to play in the Boys of Summer Championship tournament, a player will have had to participate in at least two innings during one of the Boys of Summer qualifying tournaments for the team he is playing for in the championship event.

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